Before you pack your bags...

There are a few obvious things to take care of before you head off to the UK, like buying an air ticket and sorting out your visa. There are a few other factors to consider too that will take care of any hitches that you may experience on your travels.

One year to go
Start saving …remember you need $4,500 in the bank to apply for your visa.
Start reading and gathering information on the UK and other countries.

Six months to go
Send in your passport application.
Find your original birth certificate, photocopies are not acceptable.
Contact a travel health professional and check what vaccinations you need.

Three months to go
Contact embassies, high commissions for visa forms.
Shop around & compare prices on airfares & insurance.
Apply for credit cards
Send off visa applications
Apply for YHA membership
Arrange your travel insurance

Two months to go
Email your CV and travel details to
Buy your airline tickets and travel insurance etc.
Get an International Drivers licence
Buy a good backpack
Open a UK Bank Account with Thomas Cook

One month to go
Contact London Calling at and arrange to see a consultant.
Buy traveller's cheques, or foreign exchange
Update your CV, get a hard copy and save it on disk.
Photocopy your documents, leave one copy at home and keep one copy in a safe place with you.
Photocopy your itinerary and add addresses for friends and family to write to or contact you at.
Open a hotmail address.
Get an ISIC card if you are a student.
Get a prescription from your doctor for any medication you are taking.
Keep saving.

One week to go
Get your mail redirected.
Finalise bills and bank accounts.
Start packing your bags
Get your work contacts from London Calling and have your UK interview organised & confirmed.
Say your farewells
Relax and get excited.

Travel Insurance is a must !

It is important that adequate travel insurance is taken out prior to departing Australia.

Please take the time to read and understand your travel insurance policy. Your travel insurance should cover the following:

  • Cancellation
  • Overseas medical, dental & emergency expenses
  • Resumption of journey
  • Travel delay
  • Accidental death
  • Personal liability
  • Loss of income
  • Loss or theft to your baggage

Once you're there...

*Make clear to the Immigration officer that you are only taking temporary or casual employment incidental to your holiday.

*Buy an A-Z London Street Directory, and always carry it in your bag. It is the Londoner's bible!

*Get the TNT magazine, which is free every Monday at most tube stations. This will provide you with information on a variety of jobs, accommodation and travelling options. (

*The Loot ( newspaper has a large accommodation section- highly recommended!

*There are plenty of Newspapers and Magazines in London to help you with employment, accommodation, travel and "news from home". Look out for: New Zealand News UK, The Star, SA Times, Southern Cross and the LAM TNT magazine

*When applying for work, you'll have to show references, your passport and a valid work visa.
Provide job agencies with a good-sized photo so they remember you.

*Always allow an extra 20 minutes of travelling time. Disruptions to train and bus services are an all-too-regular occurrence in London.


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